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Andre Silva – Brazil

I came to the UK from Brazil because of the LEC course offers and to acquire practical language skills required for further study in my home country. I find living in the UK easy and people are nice. I have also a made a good group of friends within LEC. I particularly enjoy the Conversation Extra classes as we have the opportunity to really focus on accent reduction and pronunciation.






Ahmed Al Mutairi - Saudi Arabia

I am very happy with my English. I appreciate my improvement in English. I really enjoy living and studying in Liverpool. The people are friendly here. Thank you for all your help and the efforts of your friendly staff and teachers. I am looking forward to coming back and studying at LEC next year.


Sugandika Mainardi - Italy

I came to LEC to prepare for the Cambridge First exam. The very professional teaching staff not only motivate their students to learn but also teach us how to learn. Every teacher has a great sense of humor and they create a unique and friendly atmosphere during the lessons. Thank you.