Studying English language at LEC will involve exploring almost any use of words. You will have the opportunity to study the ways English language is used in a variety of forms, such as casual spoken conversations, advertising and newspaper materials, texts and tweets, or business. Your English language course will also teach you to use the language at many levels – you might study the smallest article of written language and the phonetic alphabet, word-formation and the history of word meanings, notions of ‘standard’ or ‘formal’ grammar and pronunciation, discourse patterns and dialect variation and change, and issues of logic and meaning around matters like politeness and jokes.You will not just be looking at language on the page but language in use, in particular contexts, by speakers with motives, expectations and cultural knowledge. You will often present the results of your study through essays, exams, oral presentations, reports, data analysis tasks and other forms of assessment.You will learn through class discussions, sharing ideas and developing your understanding in groups. You may have workshops in which you work with others to closely analyse texts with the guidance of a tutor, perhaps studying the pattern of exchanges, or differences in accent, within some recorded conversation. English language entry level assessment requirements
You need to take the initial level assessment test to prove that you can speak, listen, read and write in English in order to meet your course entry conditions and requirements.

Progress tests & pass levels
There are differences between the initial level test and course progress tests in levels of difficulty and when they are delivered, but they all cover speaking, reading, listening and writing. Normally, you will take a mid-course and an end-of-course progress test within five and ten weeks from course start dates. In order to progress to higher levels the lowest acceptable progress test result is 70%.

Exit tests
Should you leave a course before completing ten weeks you must take an exit test to determine how much progress you have made since your course start date.