There are many things to consider when planning to study in the UK – so frankly you have enough to think about and that’s where LEC comes in…

We will be with you at every stage of the move, we are here to assist you and our services are available to all LEC students.

Our professional consultants offer relocation guidance and support for individuals relocating to study at Liverpool English Centre. For eligible students, this can include help with finding a suitable place to live, advice about transport, education, health services, and career support for those who may need to seek work in the region.

Use our check-list below to help you prepare and once you have successfully enrolled we will send you our LEC STUDENT GUIDE which contains more specific information and advice on re-locating to the UK.

If you are not a European Economic Area (EEA) national, you may need a visa / entry – clearance to work in the UK
Ensure you have sufficient UK currency / travellers cheques to cover your initial costs in the UK
Check your government’s restrictions on taking money out of the country
Check with your bank about regulations concerning transferring money to the UK
Check regulations about bringing belongings to the UK
Check your luggage weight against your airline’s allowance
Obtain a letter of explanation from your doctor for any prescribed medicine you use
Photocopy your passport (personal details) and visa stamp and keep them in a safe place

What we do for you
Firstly, we build up a profile of your needs. We like detail, so please tell us everything. If you think you have complicated requirements don’t worry – no request has ever disturbed us!

Your support consultant will be with you right through your relocation process from start to finish – trust them, they have done it before!

After you have relocated, we’ll make sure you are settling in well, and to help with anything else. From advising on broadband providers to finding a good dentist, LEC will be here if you need us.

You’ll Never Walk Alone at LEC…