Do you want to study at a UK University?

Would you like to know the range of study options available?

LEC will support you to navigate the range of study options available, help you to make the right choice of subject and ensure you secure a place on a course at the university that will fulfill your potential.

We will provide a personal, student focused approach and we work with UK, EU and international students and recognise that no two students are the same. We will support you and your family to make the best decision to match your needs and interests and to help you through every step of your university journey.

With our support we will help you at each step of your university journey, from when you are making your choices and applying for a degree, all the way through to supporting you to succeed in your undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

We will provide independent, personal specialist advice and support, including full support on:

  • Meeting the university entry requirements
  • Choosing the right university and programme
  • Making the university application
  • Finding accommodation and moving to university
  • Writing the university application letter
  • Opening a bank account

Choosing the right university proramme may seem intimidating but we will help you to make the right decisions and find the best university programme for you.


We are ready to guide you to your future university degree programme.

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