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LEC tests

Below are the tests we deliver at LEC. Please remember that courses run on a continuous enrolment basis so you could join a course at any point. You may not have completed the whole course before you take a test

An Entry Level test

This determines your level and the course you’ll be placed on.

A Mid-Course test after 75 hours

This checks your progress.

An End-of-Course test after 150 hours

70% is needed to go up to a higher level after this test.
If you don’t get 70% you stay at the same level and purchase a new course-book for £30.
You will also buy a new course-book for £30 if you move up a level.

A Level-Up test

You can take this test at any time at your teacher’s discretion if you feel you’re in a level which is too low for you.

An Exit test

You take this test upon leaving to determine the progress you’ve made.

You are strongly advised to read the LEC Code of Practice on Testing before you apply for a course at Liverpool English Centre.


The key points below highlight the regulations and provide information about tests at Liverpool English Centre

you MUST attend all tests unless prevented by illness or other extenuating circumstances

you MUST NOT enter a test room more than half-an-hour after the start of a test. You MUST NOT leave a test less than half-an-hour before the end

you MUST enter an test room in silence and put any bags and coats in the designated area. You MUST arrive at the exam room at least 5 minutes before the test is due to start in order to hear any announcements

you MUST switch off any mobile phone, smart watch or similar electronic data storage or communication device

you MUST NOT have any unauthorised material with you at your desk or on your person whilst under test conditions, including books, manuscripts or a mobile phone or any other electronic data storage device

you MUST NOT disturb other candidates. You MUST follow any instructions given by an invigilator

you MUST NOT communicate with any other candidate in a test room

If you arrive late, you WILL NOT be allowed extra time. If you believe that there is good reason why you could not arrive on time, you SHOULD submit a Mitigating Circumstances claim to:

If you consider that your performance or attendance at a test was affected by circumstances outside your control, you SHOULD submit a Extenuating Circumstances claim to:

If you are taken ill during a test and wish to leave the room, temporarily or permanently, you MUST inform an invigilator

You MAY take into a test room a clear plastic bottle of water. You MUST NOT take in any other type of bottle and no other drink or food, unless you have a declared medical condition and have been given permission to do so

Use our on-line application form below to register for a course before completing a level test

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