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Making the Most of Your English Lessons

LEC has created a useful list of tips on how to get the most from your English lessons. Learning English is not quite as easy as just attending your class – you should not only participate actively in lessons but you should also practice your English outside of the school. Here’s how…

Bring a pen and a notebook to every lesson

Take notes of any new language you learn during your lesson and practice it after class. You can organise your notes into different topics to help you find things more easily.

Don't be afraid to ask questions

If you don’t understand something clearly or you want a deeper explanation, ask your teacher and they will gladly help you to understand.

Speak English as much as possible

English lessons at LEC are communicative and therefore you will have plenty of opportunities to speak English with other students.

Finish your homework

At the end of each lesson your teacher will either give you some homework or they may ask you to review the lesson. It is essential to review any new language in order to remember it.

Learn from your mistakes

Everybody makes mistakes so when you have some writing marked by the teacher, make a note of the teacher’s corrections. Review this corrections before you write again in order to avoid making the same mistakes.

Tell your teacher what you want to learn English

LEC teachers follow a syllabus during lessons, however if you have an area of interest that you would like to spend more time on, we can help you.

Pay attention to your teacher's advice

LEC teachers are very experienced at helping students develop their English skills and preparing for exams. They will offer personalised advice to suit your needs.

University support

Secure a place at university

Career guidance

Discover your talents

Accommodation support

Settle in and make friends

LEC’s objective is to open the gateway to your education.

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