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Nothing Like a Merseyside Derby

If you’re crazy about football then you probably know that Everton and Liverpool are two of the most supported football rivalries internationally.
However, did you know that before the rivalry existed, Everton’s home ground was in fact Anfield, the same ground that Liverpool now call their home.
Anfield was leased to Everton during the late 1800s by two local brewers, namely the Orrell brothers.
Everton left Anfield early January, 1892 and moved to Stanley Park, now known as Goodison Park.
Liverpool, wanting to be called Everton Athletic back then, then claimed Anfield as their home ground.
So there you go, Everton were in fact at Anfield before Liverpool.

Using English Vocabulary to Discuss Football

Football is a great topic to talk about with any friend (or enemy), especially if you’re passionate about it, so here are some words and phrases to help you communicate with your friends better.

Let’s begin by reviewing some basic vocabulary and common ways to talk about football using English.

Basic Nouns

  • Fans – people who support a team.
  • Pitch – area of a field where footballers play a match.
  • Corner flag – flags used to mark the corner areas of the pitch.
  • Referee – person who monitors the game to observe if any rules are broken.
  • Stadium – place a football game is played.
  • Stands – area around the pitch where the fans sit.
  • Goalposts – markers used to determine where it would count as a goal.
  • Centre circle – circle in the middle of the pitch where kick off starts.
  • Penalty box – rectangular area in front of the goalposts, outside of which the goalkeeper cannot handle the ball.
  • Half-time – the time at which half of a game is completed.
  • Full time – after the allocated time for a match has passed and the referee has blown the final whistle.

You may hear some of these phrases being used when you’re talking to your friends about football. So now you can understand them and respond accordingly!

English Phrases about Football

  • Back of the net! – to score a goal

– You should’ve seen Beckham, he scored such a great goal. Back of the net!

  • Man on! – shouted out during a match to warn a player that a player from the opposition is right behind them.

– Quickly! Man on! Pass the ball to Gerrard!

  • What a save! – a very quick and acrobatic stop of a shot by the goalkeeper.

– What a save by Becker. That was amazing!

  • The players got stuck in – meaning a team whose players showed a lot of enthusiasm to win a game.

– Liverpool got stuck in right after kick-off and truly deserved to win.

  • It’s a game of two halves – refers to the fact that a game can change dramatically in 90 minutes, especially between the first half and second half.

– Blimey, Everton may be losing now, but it’s definitely a game of two halves!

Football Idioms

If you’re a footy fan or have no interest at all, it’s difficult to avoid football related slang. Then we have ‘football idioms’, commonly used expressions that do not relate to their literal meaning of words. There are many football idioms to familiarise yourself with. We’ve compiled just a few of some of the most popular idioms for you to learn.

  • Keep an eye on the ball – To pay attention to a particular activity or situation.

If you want to have a successful career, you need to keep your eye on the ball all the time.

  • Get the ball rolling – To begin a task or project.

I need £100,000 to get the ball rolling on my company.

  • Get a kick out of something – To enjoy something very much.

If you get a kick out of horror films, then you’ll love the new Stephen King movie!

  • know the score To be fully aware of a situation.

I don’t have to explain the issue to him, he knows the score.

We hope you learn these new football related idioms and can add them to your daily vocabulary. Even if you do not follow football enthusiastically, you can still use them in everyday conversation, like me!

Who do you Support?
Whoever you support, we hope you enjoy the games, sing along with the fans, and make lots of friends along the way.

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