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Learning English can be quite tricky and there are a few common hurdles that really trip up new learners – and even native speakers at some point! In fact, many native English speakers make some of these mistakes now and again. So, don’t stress and read on about 11 common mistakes English learners make, recognise them and change your ways!

Do you want to improve your English? Did you know reading in English is one of the best ways to achieve fluency! Whether you're preparing for the IELTS exam or just studying General English, reading is by far an effective method to learning new vocabulary, new grammatical structures, complex phrases & expressions and really get confident when using the language.

You can’t claim to be fluent in English if you do not know how to read in English and, we know it may be easier said than done. Some of the best books to help you improve your English skills, even coursebooks, guide you through a story-scape that builds up and shares the vision of the author.

For many it can be scary and daunting trying to communicate in English, but fear not, the solution is here and there is hope!

Despite the fact that many of us refer to an accent of British English, it turns out there’s no such thing as a British accent.

English is not only used to convey thought and concepts, but actually shapes thought and is a potent force of British Society and culture that goes far beyond being simply a tool of communicative dialogue.