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Despite the fact that many of us refer to an accent of British English, it turns out there’s no such thing as a British accent.

English is not only used to convey thought and concepts, but actually shapes thought and is a potent force of British Society and culture that goes far beyond being simply a tool of communicative dialogue.

Although this collection of words are difficult to pronounce correctly, they are a great tool for you to use to practice your English pronunciation. These fun phrases can be difficult for even native speakers, with confusing alliteration and combinations of similar words. Practising these challenging sentences out loud will help you to get familiar with various sounds and get your pronunciation just perfect.

Discover 33 English words inherited from French cognates, including a few you probably didn't even know were French. Find out why there are so many French words in the English vocabulary while learning some new French words and phrases.

You can immerse yourself in English, anytime, anywhere without flying to an English speaking country! Tweet in English. Play video games in English. Order food in English. Watch British movies in English. Learn the best ways to immerse yourself in English and become a confident speaker today!