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Pass Cambridge English exams successfully

Today we asked Italian student Suny some questions about the Cambridge FIRST exam that she passed recently with the help of LEC’s friendly and professional teachers. During the interview she explained how studying at LEC helped her achieve her goal, and what she now intends to do for her future.

Why did you choose LEC?

I’m an italian girl of 23 years old and I’m graduated in Italian literature. I decided to come to Liverpool for six months to do an experience in order to improve my English. I initially chose LEC because it offers courses for low prices, so everyone can easily access. I did an entrance test, I enroll in the school and I start a Cambridge course of level B2. After three months I started the Advanced course C1 until the end of my staying.

How did you find studying at LEC?

I immediately got used to the school thanks to well prepared and fantastic teachers. They really helped me to improve my level of English because during each lesson we did preparation for the Cambridge exam and we did a lot of speaking as well. They also have been a guide for me. Plus, the staff has always been very friendly with me. Gary and Giulia are a very good team, they are always available to assist you and answer questions in the whole period of your course.

Do you think LEC helped you to pass the FIRST exam? How?

I can say, without doubt, that LEC school helped me a lot to pass the FIRST exam. The professors always taught me something new and we practised each lesson with papers similar to the exam in all the parts: reading and use of english, writing, listening and speaking. Plus, they gave us homework in order to practise at home as well.

Would you recommend other people to study at LEC?

I highly recommend this school to people of all ages who want to learn English and also to make new friends from all over the world. During all the period I spent in the school, I meet wonderful people with whom I still in contact.

How would like to use your certificate in your future plans?

In my future I hope to find a good job. I would like to become a teacher, so that the certificate will help me to demostrate my knowledge of English and gain some extra points for public examination.


Suny is one of the many successful students that has studied at LEC and she wanted to tell us more about her experience and to recommend others to study at Liverpool English Centre.

If would like further information on our Cambridge English exam preparation courses and how we can help you choose the right course. Contact our helpful staff today and we will develop a personal study plan that is appropriate for achieving your goal.

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