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Porridge or Oatmeal? … A typical English Breakfast

Whether the name be porridge or oatmeal, it does not sound like a very tasty dish, does it? Some would even say it is not too tasty either. Anyhow, this article will convince you that porridge isn’t as boring and tasteless as you may think, in fact it can be a very tasty, quick and healthy way to begin your day.

For those who have never sampled porridge, it is a breakfast dish made from a type of grain known as oat and generally it is cooked with milk. The dry oats are mixed with milk and cooked until a gooey mixture is formed, thicker than liquid, but not solid. Porridge is very easy to digest and very filling indeed. It is a hot dish which will warm you up especially on cold winter mornings making it the perfect healthy way to start your day.

Porridge preparation is quick and simple depending on what you choose to use as your porridge base. Mix a big handful of oats in a saucepan with about 250ml of milk, then turn on the heat and let the mixture come to a slow boil. Stir the porridge consistently and within a few minutes it will be cooked.

When the porridge is cooked, the best part is adding the extra ingredients to give it more flavour as porridge alone is not very tasty and that is why some people believe porridge to be boring. You can add almost anything you want to your porridge, currants, nuts, fresh and dried fruits – all are very healthy ingredients to add and can give you morning energy burst. If these ingredients do not sound appetizing, then honey and chocolate are considered very delicious alternatives.

One of the great things about porridge? It can be cooked almost anywhere around the world. Oatmeal is a ‘staple diet’ in many countries across the world. A big bag of oatmeal is also very cheap, usually less than a dollar a bag. You can also add some local ingredients to make your porridge more tasty, whatever is cheap and available in your hometown. Here in the UK, we love to cook oats up with milk, honey, sultanas and banana, some people add a spoonful of sugar to make my porridge sweeter.

Porridge, give it a try, you will not be disappointed …

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