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Why is Liverpool the Best Student City in the UK?

Liverpool is a great city and an excellent choice for any student looking to embark on the next stage of their lives and learn English.

There are many reasons why you should choose Liverpool as your place to study English, it has world class universities, an eclectic social scene and its streets are filled with stunning architecture around every corner.

To make it easier for you LEC has listed all the reasons why you’ll love studying in Liverpool.

Around 50,000 students call Liverpool home, making it the perfect city for meeting new friends

A large proportion of the local population is made up of students, due to it’s diverse selection of places to study making Liverpool the perfect city for meeting new friends.

Liverpool is a cultural melting pot made with people from every corner of the world

Liverpool has some of the best art galleries and museums in the UK so you’ll never be short of culture in Liverpool and most of the art galleries and museums offer student discounts!

Central library is a world-famous landmark and a great place to chill-out

We also recommend visiting the Tate gallery on Albert Dock, Bluecoat Chambers and the World Museum.

Liverpool is one of the cheapest cities in the UK to study

Liverpool is a very affordable city to live and is well catered for students. There are endless discounted offers around the city. Food is cheap, nightlife is inexpensive and accommodation is cheaper than other UK cities. Everything in the city is within close proximity so no need to spend money on public transport

Delicious food everywhere ...

Epic restaurants are everywhere around the city. Bold Street is the place to go when you have the munchies, there you can find popular choices, such as, Leaf and Kasbah Cafe Bazaar.

City centre student accommodation is affordable and located in some great locations

Rent is cheaper than neighboring cities which means more money for nights out!

Liverpool is reputed for its eclectic nightlife and student social scene

Liverpool is a lively city with a diverse range of entertainment venues which cater for all tastes, whether you like salsa or prefer techno, Liverpool definitely has it all! And If you’re a Beatles fan, then the infamous Cavern is the bar for you.

Grab a bargain at Liverpool One

Liverpool One has offers abundance of high street brands and is the perfect place to spend your Saturday afternoons shopping.

Are you a Red or a Blue?

Liverpool is home to two of the biggest Premier League football clubs in the world and footy is a way of life here. You will meet football fans everywhere and there’s nothing better than watching two of the best known teams at a Derby!

Liverpudlians are legendary

The people of Liverpool are some of the nicest in the UK and are reputed for being friendly and humorous and will certainly make your stay in Liverpool memorable.

After a while you will be referring to Liverpool as home ...

Meaning you will find it very difficult to say goodbye to this amazing city when your course is over.

Liverpool ...

The place where all great adventures begin.

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